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Mental Health Benefits of Playing Tennis



By HN Builds

It’s no surprise that tennis is one of the world’s most loved sport and for good reason. It’s not only great for your fitness and physical health but also great to build your mental strength and boost your self-esteem.

Tennis can be played at any skill level, and the more you improve, the more satisfying it feels as tennis is considered one of the most complex sports to pick up. Below are some of the mental health benefits of playing tennis.

Reducing stress and anxiety

As with any other sport or exercise, playing tennis releases endorphins and serotonin, the chemicals in your body that are responsible for your mood and happiness level, which helps combat depression, anxiety and boots your mood.

Playing tennis requires a high level of concentration and focus that makes you forget the worries and stress that is in your life. It is a great outlet to get social and meet like-minded people no matter what your skillsets are. Tennis can be considered as therapeutic as it allows you to have time for yourself and do something that you enjoy.

Increased self-confidence

Playing tennis increases your self-confidence as you gain the physical health benefits as well as skilling up in the game. The physical health benefits from playing tennis includes improved muscle tone and strength, reduced body fat, increased energy levels, and lowered blood pressure.

As previously mentioned, tennis is an outlet to get social and meet people with the same interest and understanding. If you are shy or find it hard to meet people then playing tennis will increase your self-confidence as you are encouraged to socialise with other players.

Greater mental strength

Tennis is also a game of strategy. Playing tennis keeps you alert at all times. You have to anticipate your opponent’s shots and immediately respond back with a shot to counter. It is a game that will test your patience, dedication and motivation to win and succeed.

You will gain more confidence as you develop your game and strategies and at the same time provide your body with a great mental and physical workout. Playing tennis can also reduce the risk of cognitive decline. As you age, it is imperative to keep your mind active and stimulated.

In Summary

Tennis is a great sport to keep healthy both physically and mentally. It is a great sport to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase your self-esteem, and gives you a great workout. If you’re wanting to get into tennis, find hitting partners, play competitive or meet new people, Flexi Tennis Leagues is a great platform to join. Over 250 leagues available Australia wide in both singles and doubles in all major cities. Click here to sign up and play with locals near you!