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Designed and developed for tennis enthusiast, our platform connects you with players and arrange weekly tennis matches. Players determine when and where matches will be played. There are over 200 leagues Australia wide in both Singles and Doubles with dedicated Women’s and Men’s Singles leagues available.

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How it works

Step #1


  1. Sign up and create your Flexi Tennis Leagues profile.
  2. Once you have confirmed your email address, you will be able to log into the app and register to play.
  3. Play in either Men’s or Women’s Singles or Doubles with a partner.


  1. Once you have registered in a league, the fixtures will automatically be created for all players.
  2. Contact other players through the in-app chat system to schedule matches at a time, date and location that suits both parties.
Step #2
Step #3


  1. Once scheduling is done, simply head to the designated time and place agreed by both players.
  2. When matches are completed, either players are able to upload the scores via the app and the opponent must approve scores before it is accepted.
  3. Leaderboard rankings will reflect the outcome of matches.

This platform is great for

  • All skill levels

  • Flexible playing schedule

  • Extra practice / training

  • Socializing and meeting new people

  • No club commitments

  • Recreational fun

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I am a FIFO worker and can’t play every week?

You can arrange to play any of your scheduled matches at any time within the first 9 weeks of a season. Week 10 is the finals.

When does the season starts?

Season starts on the 27th of January for Summer, 27th of April for Autumn, 27th of July for Winter, and 26th of October for Spring. Registrations are open 3 weeks prior to the season start date.

How much does it cost to play?

In celebration of our launch, all registrations for the Doubles and Singles leagues are free. Registrations are normally $27.99.

How do I sign up and register?

Simply head to the FTL app at and signup. Once you have confirmed your email, you’ll be able to register for either Singles or Doubles leagues inside the main dashboard.

I'm just a beginner, is FTL still for me?

Yes, FTL caters for all levels ranging from beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional.

When and where are matches played?

FTL automatically generates the fixtures of play for each week. Simply liaise with the opponent on day and location that suit both parties to conduct the match.

Does FTL provide tennis courts to conduct matches?

Please refer to your local council for free of use courts. FTL is not responsible for the acquisition of courts and all arrangements are made by players.

What are the rules?

Basic rules as stated on Players can converse with each other the rules they would like to enforce. Whether they would like to play up to 3 or 5 sets.

How do I submit the scores?

For every weekly fixture, you’ll be able to upload scores for that specific week. Submitted scores will be sent to the opponent for approval. Once approved, the scores will be live in the results section and will reflect your ranking in the leaderboard. In an event of injury or absence of a party, you can check the winning player without declaring the scores (if no scores were made). The opponent will then need to approve this.

How does the point system work for the leaderboard?

2 points is allocated to the winner, 1 point for the loser, and 1 point if games are played prior to or on the week of schedule. Grand final winners receive 20 points.

How long does a season last?

A season lasts for 10 weeks in duration.

The grand final

The top two players with the highest points accumulated will play in the finals. Finals fixture will be available at the start of week 10 (final week) after the catch up week.

How can I delete my account?

To delete an account, please send a request to from the email of the requested account for deletion.

Can I change my league after registration?

If you have registered in a league but would like to change into another league then you can contact with the request. Placements are not guaranteed so be sure to register for the correct one. As an example, you have registered in the North Perth league in Professional but would like to play in advanced then our team could look into the request. If you are requesting to change leagues in Doubles, the request must come from the owner of the team.

Can I register for two different leagues with the same account?

You can only register to play for one league in a season per account.

There appears to be an error/issue with the app, what should I do?

Please clear your browser cache and hard refresh the app and see if the issue resolves itself. If the issue persists, please notify

Can I get a refund if I am unable to play?

Once the season fixtures have been generated, strictly no refunds will be provided under any circumstances unless a player's league has insufficient player count, in which case the player can request to be put in an alternative league or request a refund. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions. Please ensure you will be available to play when registering in a league.

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